Hi, I’m Asaf!

I grew up in Jerusalem as the youngest of four boys.  Like some of my generation, if not most of it, film and TV were more than just a source of entertainment: they were my best teachers.

Growing up, I spent most of my summers with my grandparents on their kibbutz. My grandfather was a renaissance man amongst being a horticulturist, carpenter, painter, and sculptor, he was also a teacher.  He taught me the world is a giant toolbox and that I can use anything as a tool to express myself.

After being injured in the army, I went to art school. Soon after I apprenticed with the artist Sam Maitin in Philadelphia, I learned from him the use of various mediums. Still feeling incomplete, I decided to go back to school: this time it was film school. While working on my entry video I was lucky to work with an editor on an NLE system (nonlinear editing system). Watching him edit, I felt all the pieces fall into place. The collaborative effort along with the sculpturing nature of editing was a perfect fit for me.

From that point on, I knew that storytelling is what I wanted to do and an editor is what I wanted to be.

Once I made it to LA in 2001, I was fortunate enough to apprentice under Dan Lebental, who I’m happy to say is my friend and mentor to this day.

I’ve been able to use my toolbox in different genres ranging from documentaries, promos, music videos, concert DVDs, variety talk shows, commercials, award shows and fully recovered and sober from working in the reality world.

My current focus takes me back to where this all started; telling stories through scripted television and feature films. Recently I’ve completed the first part of Ambush, a feature film directed by Joe Bauer and am currently working on a new scripted comedy for MTV called “Death Valley”.

Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to collaborating with you.


P.S. In the pic is my other love, my Boston Terrier Mala.  Shhh… Don’t tell my wife. She wouldn’t like it. 😉